Strange Surgical Procedures That Doctors Have Carried Out

Health and medicine has come a long a long way in the past few decades to such an extent that doctors can now perform a variety of bizarre and life-saving surgical procedures that wouldn’t have been previously possible. State-of-the-art equipment and new techniques mean that surgeons can employ all types of strange methods to fix problems within the human body and this article will look at some of the weirdest that have ever been carried out. Bear in mind that this only includes surgery performed for health reasons, not plastic surgery procedures that were done for cosmetic purposes.

Replacing A Thumb With A Toe


When doctors were unable to attach the thumb of Irishman James Byrne back onto his hand following an accident with a saw, they took the drastic step of removing the big toe from his left foot to replace it. Byrne would need a fully working hand to continue in his job and this was the only course of action that the surgeons could see. Fortunately, the operation was a success and those involved were even able to change the appearance of the toe so it looked more like a thumb.

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