Man Gets His Private Part Stuck In Iron Nut

Man Gets His Private Part Stuck In Iron Nut

A man had to be freed from an iron nut after getting his penis stuck inside.

He spent 10 hours at his home in north western China trying to release himself from the nut before going to hospital.

By which time it had started to turn a ‘funny colour’.

He told rescuers that he had tried to hack it off and unscrew it, but neither of these attempts worked.

Doctors at the Yulin Sunshine Hospital called the local fire brigade and after three hours of drilling, sawing and cutting, the 28-year-old’s privates were freed.

There was no permanent damage.

He refused to tell rescuers how his penis had become trapped in the iron nut, but would admit that it was a painful mistake not be repeated.

Source РMetro 

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