Facts About Guns And Being Shot

The right to bear arms is one of the most divisive topics in all of America. Presidents are voted in based on their stance on gun control and the two parties running the country can never quite seem to agree on the matter. Despite all its abundant pro’s and con’s, guns continue to be a massive part of life in America. It is hard to imagine such a strong stance being taken towards a weapon, but such is the nature of the modern world. In case you are unaware of the role of guns in American culture today, here is a list of 10 shocking facts related to guns and being shot.

 America Is The Leader In Gun Ownership

10-shocking-facts-about-guns-and-being-shot-1No country in the world has as many guns per 100 citizens as America. There are 88 guns for every 100 citizens within America. The second on the list is Serbia with 70 guns every 100 people.

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