6 Brothers Welcome Home Their First Sister

Cher and Stephen learned they were expecting another baby. After having six boys, the Lair family was ecstatic to discover it was going to be a girl. The family from Apex, NC even made a viral video that revealed their long-awaited blessing.

In late August of 2015, baby Ruby arrived into the world and began her life with Mom, Dad, and her six big brothers! Four days later, to commemorate the homecoming, Cher and Stephen decided to sit each of their sons down, one by one, and let them hold Ruby for a few minutes while they talk to the camera about what it’s like to finally have a little sister. After all, Ruby marked the end of the Lair family’s all-boy streak.

The boys — Houston, 5, Jackson, 13, Campbell, 10, Knox, 2, Sawyer, 7, Shepherd, 4 — is so adorable, earnest, and caring. Each one has his own unique feelings about taking on the significant role of Ruby’s big brother. The resulting video is heartwarming, funny, and enough to bring tears to your eyes. I can’t imagine what this experience must have been like for Cher, watching back these unforgettable interactions on camera.

On thing’s for sure… Ruby’s first boyfriend had better be careful, because he won’t want to mess with this team of superhero brothers. Please enjoy, and SHARE this heart-tugging video with your friends on Facebook!

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