Woman gives birth to bullfrog

According to House of Prayer Church prophet, Mduduzi Dube, a 30-year-old woman, Nonceba Ncube, allegedly gave birth to a bullfrog following a ten-month pregnancy.

The businesswoman who runs several companies in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, apparently became worried when her pregnancy took ten months instead of 9 months prompting her to seek advice from prophets.

She is said to have approached Dube and the prophet allegedly told her that she was carrying a strange creature instead of a human being.

Apparently Dube then prayed for the woman after which she conceived the strange “baby” at a local hospital.

“A fortnight ago I prayed for a woman who had a ten month pregnancy,” Dube sclaimed. “After that she gave birth to a frog.”

Prophet Dube said Ncube and her husband emigrated to South Africa for “therapy” following the bizarre episode.

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