Why Chinese Female Soldiers Can Rock Any Parade

Chinese president Xi Jinping stated that China is committed to peaceful development: “Regardless of the progress of events, China will never seek hegemony, China will never seek to expand and will never inflict the tragedies it suffered in the past upon others.”

Nevertheless, the Chinese army remains the 3rd most powerful army in the world with the biggest number of troops. The recent large-scale Chinese military parade showed the country’s military might at it’s best. This fact is anything but calming, considering today’s realities.
Yeah, all of us are sick and tired of all the wars, big and small, that are going on somewhere in the world right now as I write/speak and you browse through the web. It’s a good thing these conflicts don’t affect you personally, but you can see that war covers more and more territories around the globe. How long do you think it will take before a plague descends on your house? Am I sounding apocalyptic here? Maybe.

Considering a threat for all-out WW III, all these military parades, that the most powerful countries hold each year are held only to show whose balls are bigger. It’s a circus where the clowns are playing with very deadly toys! Let’s just say disgusting atavism to where humanity should be by now!

The only part of these parades that we can say is cool are the lady soldiers. In uniforms. I don’t like armies and war, but I love ladies in uniforms. I think that almost every guy on the planet has a thing for chicks in uniforms. Why did I start this article with facts about the Chinese army? Because you’re about to see the most appealing female representatives from the People’s Liberation Army, dummy!

Now then! Grap your popcorn, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this gallery of the hottest uniformed babes in China.

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