What Your Cat Really Thinks “Cat Comics”


Have you ever wondered what your cat would say if it could speak? Catsass is here to tell you. Don’t be fooled by its cute looks, this mean feline will tell you his deepest thoughts. And it hurts.Born in my crazy cat lady’s mind, this character says everything we’re too shy or polite to express. Yes, I do have a cat in real life, and no, he’s not as horrible as this one. (via: BoredPanda)

Creepy Human


Please Don’t Come Back The Next Time You Leave 2

Get A Dog 3

Just An Advice 4

I Do What I Want 5

I’m Not A Cutie Pie 6

Upgrading A Sofa 7

Just Making Magic 8

Yeh, Me Too… 9

Morning Breath 10

Thanks, Human 11

I Have Already Tried It 12

Can I Come In? 13

Lucky? Realy, Human? 14


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