Top Coolest Buildings In The World


Niños Conarte, Monterrey, Mexico


Located in the largest city in Mexico, Monterrey, the Niños Conarte library is a beautiful geometric structure inside meant to depict the surrounding geography of the area. The Conarte is the Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo Leon, with a plethora of museums, gardens, convention centers, themeparks, and auditoriums surrounding the Conarte. Inside of Niños Conarte, the book shelves and floor of the library are asymmetrical and geometrically multi-purpose, in the shapes of the mountains surrounding the city of Monterrey. The colors are cheerful and the space is meant to be a fun place to ignite a child’s imagination while they play and read. Also contained within the walls of the Niños Conarte is a cultural center and auditorium with unique lighting and colors to match the rest of the building’s architecture. The location of the area that the Ninos Conarte is, Fundidora Park, used to be the site of a massive steelworks location that was established in 1900.

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