This Mom Does Weird Things With Food, Now She Has Thousands Of Followers On Instagram

One mom has come up with a brilliant idea for her daughter to not only eat her food but to do so independently with no hurt feelings for the grown ups. Lee Samantha creates delightful and creative masterpieces that encourage children to not only eat but to also enjoy meal time. (via lifebuzz)Weird-Things-With-Food Weird-Things-With-Food-1 Weird-Things-With-Food-2 Weird-Things-With-Food-3 Weird-Things-With-Food-4 Weird-Things-With-Food-5 Weird-Things-With-Food-6 Weird-Things-With-Food-7 Weird-Things-With-Food-8 Weird-Things-With-Food-9 Weird-Things-With-Food-10 Weird-Things-With-Food-11 Weird-Things-With-Food-12 Weird-Things-With-Food-13 Weird-Things-With-Food-14 Weird-Things-With-Food-15

The food artist has certainly hit a nerve, she has garnered devoted followers on Facebook and Instagram waiting to anxiously see her latest production. Samantha encourages parents to try using her method even if it is not done everyday.


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