This Is Incredible, You Won´t Believe Your Eyes!

I absolutely adore art that is somehow unique and surprising. Piece of art which is below is exactly that kind of art which doesn´t leave you cold and you just can´t stop looking and looking. Very talented and only 25 years old artist Alexa Meade create a project that is fusion of painting, photography, performance and installation. And what is so extra about it? She transforms 3D space involving human into a 2D and it´s just stunning!

humanportrait01-640x510 humanportrait02-640x548 humanportrait04-640x480 humanportrait05-640x479 humanportrait06-640x423 humanportrait07-640x475 humanportrait08-640x476 humanportrait09-640x528 humanportrait10 humanportrait11 humanportrait12

Copyright & more info: Alexa Made


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