This Griffon Vulture Was Poisoned And Left To Die. But Rescuers Weren’t Ready To Give Up.


The griffon vulture is the largest bird of prey in Israel, and was mentioned in the bible numerous times. Unfortunately, this endangered species has seen its population dwindle to extremely low numbers in the past century.

In an effort to preserve the population of vultures, Israel’s National Park Authority is actively protecting several colonies of the rare birds in a few areas of the country. Through reintroduction and breeding efforts, conservationists are working hard to preserve the species, and that’s what made recent events both tragic and miraculous at the same time. (via:Ynet,boredomtherapy)

Seven endangered griffon vultures were recently found to victims of poisoning. 01-griffin-vulture-saved

Farmers will sometimes illegally leave poison for other animals that prey on their livestock or crops. When those predators inevitably die, vultures feed on them, to disastrous effect. 02-griffin-vulture-saved

Six of the rare birds were already lost. But there was still hope for one of them. 03-griffin-vulture-saved

It was taken to a treatment facility, unconscious and exhibiting signs of nerve damage. 04-griffin-vulture-saved

After regaining consciousness, the bird started vomiting pieces of tainted meat. Its condition seemed to worsen on the first night. 05-griffin-vulture-saved

Thankfully, things began to improve the next day. Treatments of antibiotics and steroids allowed for the animal to slowly recover. 06-griffin-vulture-saved

Things were finally looking up, and the vulture was transferred to a large cage where it would be able to spread its wings a little. 07-griffin-vulture-saved

It would need to regain its strength in order to be released back into the wild. 08-griffin-vulture-saved

Eventually, conservationists grew confident that the bird could be released back into the wild. 09-griffon-vulture-poisoned

There, it will hopefully help the continuation of the struggling species. 13-griffin-vulture-saved


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