This Couple Gets Married In 38 Different Places Around The World


The couple flew to their first wedding destination on Feb 8th and as of this day have already gotten married in India, Egypt, Ireland, Thailand and many other countries. With the help of donations from people who support their idea, Platt and Woodyard are scheduled to have a total of 38 wedding ceremonies. They’re both professional acrobats, which makes their wedding photos even more extraordinary.(via: buzfeed,boredpanda)



Boleykarrigeen Stones, Ireland


Ajanta Caves, India 3

Masai Mara Village, Kenya 4

Bangkok, Thailand (left) | Masai Mara Village, Kenya (right) 5

Giraffe Center, Nairobi 6 7

Spain (left) | India (right) 8

Mumbai, India 9

Segovia, Spain 10

Ireland Ireland 12

Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand

Ireland Ireland

Bogota, Colombia Bogota, Colombia

Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

Flying off to another destination!
Flying off to another destination!




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