This Amazing Woman Lives The Dream Sailing Around The World And Wants You To Join

At least an hour a day is spent gazing out the window wishing that I was looking out onto white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, not a bustling East London street. Well this might just be the golden ticket for me and anyone else who fantasises about escaping it all.

Captain Liz Clark lifted anchor on her boat in 2006, and has been independently sailing around the world ever since, with no plan to stop anytime soon. The 34-year-old left her home in San Diego, California, when she was given a Cal 40 sailboat on the condition that she sail the globe and document her travels.


‘After I graduated from university, I happened to cross paths with a retired professor, Dr. Arent H. Schuyler, who was looking for someone to sail his boat around the world,’ says Liz. ‘He was 80 years old at the time and just wanted to help someone else realise his dream.’ 2

After graduating from university, Liz worked as a bartender for three years, before quitting her job when the opportunity to sail around the world arose. She spent three years preparing for her voyage and learning how to operate the sailboat. 3

Liz says: ‘It was petrifying to leave the safety and security of the dock and my friends and family.’ 4

Armed with an in-depth education in sailing, and a lifetime at sea with her family’s boat, The Endless Summer, Clark is well qualified for the toil of open-ocean navigation. 5

Setting off in October 2005, Liz has travelled to a number of exotic destinations, including Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Galapagos Islands. 6

After such a long stint at sea Liz is understandably on the lookout for a co-skipper. Liz says: ‘I get lonely at times and still hope to find a complimentary sailing partner.’ 7

But in the mean time she’s finding solace in mother nature and all it’s glory, ‘The kindness of strangers wherever I go, along with the remote love and support from family and friends, always fills up that emptiness whenever I feel a void.’ 8

With no end to her adventure in sight, Liz’s plans to sail to Micronesia and head west, where she will continue her journey around the world. 9

(via viralthread)

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