Thieves Steal Car, Find Child Inside, Drop Him Off At School



Thieves allegedly stole a car in Ghent, Virginia, US, but before they drove off with the vehicle, they decided to drop the eight-year-old child sitting in the back seat off at school.

His mum had to start work half an hour before lessons began, so she got into the habit of leaving him in her car listening to music while she got things started at the post office.

But this time, opportunistic thieves noticed the vehicle was running and hopped inside.

When the boy’s mum realized what happened she phoned the police, naturally desperate to find out he was okay.

All kinds of scenarios must have been going through her mind, like child abduction or kidnap.

Luckily, the cops found him ten minutes later ‘sitting in class as if nothing had happened,’ Norfolk police spokeswoman Melinda Wray told People magazine.

The boy told the men where he went to school and they just dropped him there after claiming his mum had asked them to.

And they even managed to trace the car, because the boy’s mum had left her iPhone inside with software allowing her to track where it was although police still haven’t caught the thieves.


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