These Guys Turned A 30 Year Old Volvo Into A $2 Million Lamborghini


You would think that that car shown above was a $2 Million Lamborghini, you might even say you would bet on it. What if I told you this supercar was in fact the product of hours of labor on a thirty-year-old Volvo 740? Would you believe me? Well you should. These men from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan transformed a decades old Volvo into an exact replica of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento all while only spending $15,000 to make it.


That’s what the Volvo looked like before it’s makeover: 2

And this is it after it’s upgrade: with added carbon steel, acrylic glass, wheels from a BMW X5 and some specially designed metal. 3

A rear view of the beauty. Though this Lamborghini doesn’t actually function, it is taken around town on a trailer, allowing the entire town to be proud of such a fascinating accomplishment. 4

It took them an entire three months-from start to finish-to make this car. Even though it doesn’t function as a car, it’s become a landmark for the town and a focal point of pride and accomplishment. 5



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