These Fishermen Did Not Expect To Catch This!


These Fishermen Did Not Expect To Catch This!. You won’t believe what they found in this net. Frightening! Fishing trawlers capture all sorts of sea creatures in their nets, but this day proved shocking for these fishermen!(via:acidcow)


First off, isn’t it amazing how much fish a trawler actually catches? Look how large this net is, and it’s completely full of fish. shark_02

Through this fishing net you can see there is something inside that looks rather strange.. shark_03

As the fishermen open the net a humongous creature is exposed. shark_04

The creature is actually a monster shark, its upside down and this is its underbelly. shark_05

Unfortunately these images don’t reveal what type of shark this is, although it must’ve been feeding on the fish the fishermen were trawling for. Perhaps it’s a bottom-dwelling shark. shark_06

Also unknown is the fishermen’s location, but these unbelievable images have been circulating on the Net. Wow, this shark must weigh hundreds of pounds. shark_07

Being that this shark is so huge, its age must’ve been very old. Hopefully there’s a use for its shark meat and it isn’t just a senseless victim. PETA reports commercial fishing kills animals on a colossal scale, that includes hundreds of billions of animals worldwide every year, far more than any other industry. shark_08


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