These 26 People And Their Pets Are Practically Twins.

When you live with someone, your personalities tend to slowly start meshing together. You may start liking the same things, completing each other’s sentences – heck, give it enough time and you may actually start looking a little similar, too.

But what happens when that “person” you spend so much time with isn’t a person at all? Specifically, what if that roommate is a little, say, more furry than a human?

You can probably see where we’re going with this. So take a look at these awesome pet doppelgängers below! (via:Boredpanda)

1. Grab me a beer, bro?


2. Hold still for the camera, buddy! 02-dog-owner-dopplegangers

3. Chillin-out, relaxing. 03-dog-owner-dopplegangers

4. Can I read that when you’re done? 04-dog-owner-dopplegangers

5. Say cheese, Carol. 05-dog-owner-dopplegangers

6. Hiiiiiii. 06-dog-owner-dopplegangers

7. Spring! 07-dog-owner-dopplegangers

8. Iluvyou. 08-dog-owner-dopplegangers

9. Can I be the big-spoon next time? 09-dog-owner-dopplegangers

10. The most interesting pair in the world. 10-dog-owner-dopplegangers

11. Human-dog infinity-scarf. 11-dog-owner-dopplegangers

12. This is cheating – also, terrifying. 12-dog-owner-dopplegangers

13. We mustache you a question. 13-dog-owner-dopplegangers

14. They even have the same stylist. 14-dog-owner-dopplegangers

15. Just part of the family. 15-dog-owner-dopplegangers

16. Winning smiles. 16-dog-owner-dopplegangers

17. Our friends would love this, Susan.17-dog-owner-dopplegangers

18. What was that noise? 18-dog-owner-dopplegangers

19. Dinner time. 19-dog-owner-dopplegangers

20. This is a bad angle for us, John. 20-dog-owner-dopplegangers

21. Who wore it better? 21-dog-owner-dopplegangers

22. Ready for the road. 22-dog-owner-dopplegangers

23. Do as I do. 23-dog-owner-dopplegangers

24. Sympathy cones! 24-dog-owner-dopplegangers

25. You should see her 25-dog-owner-dopplegangers

26. Ready for our interview! 26-dog-owner-dopplegangers

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