These 16 INSANE Houses From Around The World Are Actually REAL


What’s your perfect house? Mine is a Hobbit hole because I like green things and second breakfasts. Maybe you fancy yourself the house from Up? Or the Lost Boys’ treehouse from Hook? Now THAT was a place!But there’s a chance that you might change your mind about that dream house of yours after you see these 16 amazing houses from around the world. Check them out!(via:boredomtherapy)

Live in the clouds with this airplane house.01-amazing-houses
Go for a spin in this giant top. 02-amazing-houses
House with feet. 03-amazing-houses
Good thing that ring buoy is there 04-amazing-houses
The Ewok Village 05-amazing-houses
The Pot People 06-amazing-houses
Rooftop Rocks 07-amazing-houses
Transformer House 08-amazing-houses
Entrance to Goron Mountain. 09-amazing-houses
Crocodile Rock. 10-amazing-houses
Let me just squeeeeze in here. 11-amazing-houses
That’s a lot of books. 12-amazing-houses
I don’t want to know how you go to the bathroom in this thing. 13-amazing-houses
Gernonimo! 14-amazing-houses
That’s a cold shower. 15-amazing-houses
Dome-iciles 16-amazing-houses

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