These 14 Animals Love Eating Berries. Unfortunately, It Turns Them Into Terrifying Monsters.


Who doesn’t love berries? They’re sweet and delicious, but boy can they make a mess. And if you’re not careful, you might wind up looking like a crazed, blood-soaked monster… like these animals. They are living proof that too much of a good thing can be pretty scary.

1. Turtles used to be my dream pets. Now they’re the stuff of nightmares.


2. This bunny clearly has an insatiable thirst for bloo — err, berries. animals-berries-2

3. A positively vampiric bearded dragon. animals-berries-3

4. This lemur’s eyes say it all: More! More! animals-berries-4

5. OK, a cat ravenously devouring a strawberry is pretty cute. animals-berries-5

6. Ditto a post-berry guinea pig. animals-berries-7

7. But the turtles always bring us back to the scary realm. animals-berries-8

8. Oh my God, it’s a massacre! animals-berries-9

9. Hamsters are fiending devils for the red stuff! animals-berries-10

10. This dragon’s berry appetite was so strong, his lips remain permanently coated. animals-berries-11

11. I don’t even know what to think about this one. animals-berries-12

12. Can you say “creepy”? animals-berries-13

13. A bunny was never this scary since that “Donnie Darko” movie. animals-berries-15

14. Gah! How will I ever sleep again? animals-berries-16

Source: boredpanda

Sweet satisfaction for them. Crippling nightmares for us. Remind me to never let my cat get a hold of a strawberry – I’d never see her as the same cute, innocent kitty again. Also, they’re expensive.

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