The World’s Hottest Nurse


If there were a visual definition to the phrase “HELLO NURSE”, it’s this woman named Kai who is not only a nurse, but apparently the “world’s hottest nurse” thanks to her instagram account which shows off more than Kai’s daily scrub outfit.

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By day, Kai is studying at NYU for her nursing degree with her nights dedicated to being a part-time nurse. Her weekends however are dedicated to apparently making men drool via her Instagram posts which has racked up over 100,000 followers. James Brown once said it’s a man’s world, but I think Instagram is changing all of that. everyone-is-calling-this-girl-the-worlds-hottest-nurse-and-theyre-right-image-4 everyone-is-calling-this-girl-the-worlds-hottest-nurse-and-theyre-right-image-5 everyone-is-calling-this-girl-the-worlds-hottest-nurse-and-theyre-right-image-6

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