The World’s Biggest Rabbit, But His Son May Outgrow Him

At 4ft 4in (1.3m) and 22.2kg, Darius is currently the biggest rabbit in the world, but he may not hold that title for much longer, because there’s a new pretender – his son. Jeff is 3ft 8in (1.1m) and has about 6 months of growing left, so his owner, Annette Edwards, expects him to grow larger than his dad.(via: boredpanda)worlds-largest-rabbit-darius-jeff-1 worlds-largest-rabbit-darius-jeff-2 worlds-largest-rabbit-darius-jeff-3 worlds-largest-rabbit-darius-jeff-4 worlds-largest-rabbit-darius-jeff-5 worlds-largest-rabbit-darius-jeff-6

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