The Creepiest Photographer Alive


Zhang Peng is famous Chinese photographer, who makes the scariest photos ever. In 2006, he changed his style to become more creepy and gory. Through his photos, he tried to show us elements that have deeper meanings. His photos look quite impressive, but some people will be terrified after seeing them.


Zhang-Peng-The-Creepiest-Photographer-Alive-2 Zhang-Peng-The-Creepiest-Photographer-Alive-3 Zhang-Peng-The-Creepiest-Photographer-Alive-4



In case all of his photos are symbolic for his own soul, and thoughts that are running through his mind. Red is his favorite color and not without a reason. Does this symbolize China itself or blood?
As we all know, China went through many historical riots and revolutions and it’s no big surprise. Little girls are the main feature of this dramatic photo series and this is the way he wants to show the difference between life and illusion. His obscure angles make people feel different emotions, from love and hate to powerless and hopeless.



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