The 18 Worst Bathroom Fails Of All Time!


There is something to be said about people who are good at home renovations, specifically those who can turn their boring bathrooms into a small oasis. Imagine, doing your business in a place where you mind and body are completely relaxed and in harmony with your environment. (via: lifebuzz)

#1. Dual purpose safety cone.1

 #2. He wanted a throne. 2

 #3. This is bizarre. 3

 #4. That fixes everything. 4

 #5. A longer arm would come in handy. 5

 #6. Never appreciated my faucet so much until now. 6

Well, this post celebrates the outstanding failures within the realm of bathrooms. These washrooms are so bad and completely without function, I have to wonder if they were put together with the hopes of pranking someone or highlighting just how ugly a bathroom can be.

#7. Can you say privacy?


 #8. Not sure how this works. 8

 #9. Well that’s interesting. 9

 #10. No one can see my face. 10

 #11. And his wife never lets him hear the end of it. 11

 #12. One big pee party! 12

 #13. Never thought you’d complain about having too much TP. 13

 #14. No wonder there’s never a line for the bathroom. 14

 #15. You had just one job to do. 15

 #16. Time-saving. 16

 #17. Why? 17

 #18. Please get me out of here. 18


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