Stepmother Nails Child’s Feet To The Floor



A toddler had his feet nailed to the floor by his stepmother because he called her ‘Mummy’.

Peter Kilby was burned, hit, force fed mustard and even held face-down in a trough of ice cold water by his stepmother Flossie while his father Harold watched.

Decades after the abuse, Peter, now 73, has revealed the horrific abuse in a new book.

With both his father and step-mother dead, he wants other abused children to know they were not alone.

Peter, from Gloucestershire, said: “So many children today are being hurt.

“I really want the younger generation to read it just to show that you don’t have to lie down and die, you can take control of your own life.

“If it helps just a few people to do that then it will have been worthwhile.”

Peter, who is now married to Anne, was two years old when his mother died.

Weeks later his father introduced him to Flossie, who became his step-mother.

It was then that her reign of terror began.

He said: “I was only a toddler when one day I made the mistake of calling Flossie ‘Mummy’.

“She dragged me across the kitchen floor, hurled me out the front door and she wiped her feet on my back. She shouted ‘Never call me Mummy again, imbecile’.

“I was utterly terrified. She never needed a reason to hurt me. I think she just enjoyed it.”

Peter started to run away and eventually was put into the care system by the police.

Once in the care system, he was abused.

“I was 14 when the master at one home told me I’d been chosen for a special treat,” Peter said.

“A local businessman was taking me on a day out and then we’d be staying in a hotel. I was so excited.

“But that night, I woke to the man sitting on my bed.

“He said: ‘Just lie there quietly and be a good boy. I’m going to make a man of you tonight.’

“Then he held me down and raped me.


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