Snake bites teens lip after he tries to kiss it


A teenager from Florida was rushed to a Tampa hospital after his pet snake bit him on the lip after he tried to kiss it.

Austin Hatfield, 18, was still swollen and in “pretty bad shape” on Wednesday after the venomous water moccasin turned on him Saturday night.

The deadly snake bit Hatfield after it escaped from a pillowcase, investigators said.

But the teen’s friends told an Orlando TV station he was bitten while performing one of his favourite stunts — kissing the snake.

“We (were) sitting in the kitchen, and he ran out of the room saying, ‘Hospital, hospital, now, now,'” friend James Belcher told WESH.

Water moccasins are a dangerous variety of pit viper. It was likely stressed out after living for several days in a pillowcase at Hatfield’s house, Morse said.

“When it’s captured, it’s one thing to keep the animal in a pillowcase temporarily, but not permanently,” he said.

The teen was keeping the snake illegally without the proper permits or cage, according to Morse.

Hatfield’s Facebook page shows multiple pictures of him with snakes, including one of his bloody hand, posted in 2014 after he was bitten.

Hatfield is expected to survive but investigators have only been able to talk to him briefly because he’s still suffering in the hospital.

“He’s in pretty bad shape,” Morse said. “His face is pretty swollen up.”

Source – NYDN


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