Predator Eagles Take Down An Owl, Deer And A Wolf

Eagle is one of the largest birds in the world! It is the symbol of power, the emblem of the United States. Unfortunately these fabulous birds are disappearing …. It is a solitary bird that rarely sees because it makes the cube on steep cliffs in the mountains or the ocean at great heights. One of the most famous is the bald eagle eagle, which is dark brown head and tail are white. He lives mostly in the Americas from Canada, Alaska up close to the border with Mexico. Their food consists mainly of small fish and mammals but sometimes will eat dead animals. One of the most striking characteristics of the eagle is that they choosing a mate for life! They are very family animals! Eagles have to three times better than that of man, can see the future prey and two miles away. During the flight can reach a speed of over 160 Km / h! Truly amazing! In the video below you will see some of the most spectacular attacks eagles!(via:youtube)


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