Pig Born With Human-Like Face And Manhood On Its Head


A deformed piglet with a human-like face and a manhood on its forehead has been born in China, a farmer has claimed.

Tao Lu, from southern China, said the strange piglet even survived his birth, however he was rejected by his mother and therefore died shortly after, even as Tao tried to feed him from a bottle.

Tao, 40, put images of the piglet online where they quickly went viral before being bought by a Chinese news agency.

He said he was inundated with calls almost immediately from wealthy people offering large sums of money for the piglet thinking it had survived.

‘It is a shame it died, I could have got more money for it then for the rest of the family put together based on what people were offering me on the phone,’ he said.

The piglet’s 18 siblings were all reportedly born without any defects.

Taod says he now hopes to put the piglet’s corpse on display for visitors.

Source – Metro

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