Photographer Show Famous Landmarks Transitioning From Day To Night


Is there even person who doesn´t like traveling? Getting to know new places, people, tastes and so on…what else may you wish? I know, sometimes it is not cheap at all so you can´t get to all destinations from your dream list. Photographer Richard Silver with his project Time Sliced made a service to all of us when he brought some beautiful destinations right into our homes:) R. Silver photographed famous monuments during the day and night and at the end he connected them into one charming photo. You can see result below. (via designtaxi)

London, England


Colosseum, Rome, Italy 2

Birds Nest, Beijing, China 3

Milan, Italy 4


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 5

India Gate, Mumbai, India 6

Tongariki, Easter Island 7

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey 8

Shanghai, China 9

Venice, Italy 10

Warsaw, Poland 11

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey 12


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