Photographer ‘Freezes’ Waves To Make Them Look Like Mountains

Photographer ‘Freezes’ Waves To Make Them Look Like Mountains…And He’s Just Released These Haunting Images. Artists have wrestled with the raw, majestic, natural power of the sea for hundreds of years, but Australia-based photographer Ray Collins is one of the few who really gets it right. Collins’ epic wave photos seem to freeze and capture all of the sea’s power, casting it in the respectful and majestic light that it deserves.(via:boredpanda)

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Collins writes that “feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land,” and this comes across in his work. 3 4

He is an accomplished surf sport photographer as well, but his most powerful photos are of the sea itself as a subject or even as a character. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


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