Muscle Loss And Weakness Can Be Stopped With 2 Delicious Foods, Here’s How

Muscle loss (or muscle atrophy) is something that can happen to any of us, even when we take care of your health. Recent research has revealed biological “trigger” for the loss of muscle, two compounds that can stop muscle atrophy.


This news means that older people are particularly vulnerable to muscle loss, can now prevent muscle weakness and alleviate muscle atrophy simply consuming two good and tasty foods.

The relationship between age and muscle atrophy

As our body ages, muscles become prone to loss. While this is a natural process, it can cause serious injury in humans, such as the breaking of the bones in the crash.

Muscles grow and become bigger and stronger from the moment of birth to 30 years. After 30th birthday, person can even lose 3 to 5 percent of muscle mass every 10 years. After 75 years, atrophy is generally accelerated.

This weakening of muscles can make life more difficult and less enjoyable. The loss of strength, agility and endurance can prevent us to engage in activities such as gardening or hiking. Sometimes even just walking becomes dangerous task when muscle weakness is present.

Although the muscular atrophy due to aging natural state, a new study has shown that this condition can be overcome. In fact, an appropriate supplement may stop the loss of muscle mass or prevent it from getting worse.


Apples and green tomatoes can stop the loss of muscle mass

You might be surprised to learn that the key to stopping the muscular atrophy lies in two very common foods: apples and green tomatoes.

Eating this fruit every day, you can maintain muscles strong and healthy in the long run, regardless of your age. Who would have thought a few slices of apple or a serving of green tomatoes can be so powerful?

How acts the combination of ursolic acid and tomatidine?

A team of researchers from the University of Iowa has found that these two compounds have an inhibiting effect on ATF4 factor responsible for genetic loss and muscle aging. Ursolic acid is found in apple peel and tomatidine in green tomatoes.

In an experiment with mice, the researchers found that after two months of use ursolic acid and tomatidine in the diet, the mice showed a significant increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. Muscle mass increased by 10 percent and power by 30 percent.

An apple a day keeps you away from health problems

This latest research could soon lead to new dietary supplements on the market, but why wait when you can get the same benefits of eating fresh, raw fruits?

Apples are delicious and healthy, and green tomatoes are delicious foods too.

Eat an apple a day, while green tomatoes can be added to salads.

Attention: Apples are often sprayed!

You should be aware that the apples at the top of the list of sprayed fruit in 2015. So make sure you always purchase organic apples.

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