Most People Have To Look Twice To See China’s Most Invisible Man. Do You?

Combining painting and photography, this artist’s known as the “Chameleon Man” in China because, well, he’s barely visible in the amazing pictures of himself he takes. This is Liu Bolin.


Not that guy. This guy. 2

Maybe you caught his TED talk. Wait, what? 3

Here’s how he does it. His team studies a background — a magazine rack today — and paints his clothes to match. 4

Clothes done, and he’s almost gone already. 5

The last thing that gets painted is him. 6

And then he’s lit and the finished photo gets snapped. 7

Here are some more of his creations. Have fun finding him. 8

In your shoe closet. 9

In your library. 10

If Liu invites you to a nice restaurant… 11

Or for a drink… 12

Maybe to Greece on a vacation… 13

Okay, this is nuts. Hiding in front of living, moving people? Red’s a lucky color in China. He needed it here. 14

So peaceful. For us. Not him. 15

Dunno what this means in China. In the U.S, it’s Victory, In England, um… 16

Maybe those seats are filled with students, and we just can’t see them. 17

1/3 concrete, 1/3 grass, 1/3 metal. 18

He’s got good reason to be tired19

Meet the Liu family. 20

A Liu-inated group? Ghostly. 21

Liu Bolin’s been creating these fantastic photos for years, and there are tons of amazing shots. You can find lots more at his studio’s web site. (via:distractify)

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