Monkey enters house, tries to cook, gets into family bed

A monkey was killed in Emakhandeni suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, after wreaking havoc for several days.

The monkey, according to sources, entered a house, opened the fridge and ate all fruits before going to the bedroom and got into the family bed.

Residents are still trying to figure out where the monkey came from.

“We were shocked because there is no mountain here so we wonder where this monkey came from, a resident said.

“Have you ever heard of a monkey which can open a fridge and use a toilet properly? This is really strange.”

Residents said they suspected the incident to be linked to witchcraft.

Other strange claims include reports that the monkey tried to place pots on the stove in a bid to cook.

Children from the house which was visited by the monkey said the animal entered the house through a window before it opened the fridge and ate fruits.

Sources alleged that the monkey belonged to a woman in the neighbourhood.

Source – Byo24News

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