Models 69-ing Down A Runway At Fashion Week Will Make You Feel Some Sort Of Way

We love models. We really do. We love it when they show us their butts. We love it when they show us anything, really. We would have models around 24/7 if we could. But whether we would wear them, quite literally, as accessories, we don’t know yet.

Lucky for us, one designer is taking models-as-apparel out for a spin, sort of. Rick Owens showed his latest collection in Paris on Thursday with some oversized baubles: models walked the runway decked out in their fashion compatriots.

Thanks to designer Rick Owens, the pretense that fashion isn’t all about sex is over. Last week during Paris Fashion Week, Owens clothes were presented by models 69-ing down the runway.


Personally, I hate the 69. It’s like going to work when you’re on vacation.


And when I’m on vacation, you’re either making the daiquiri, or you’re drinking it.


Supposedly, Owens intended the look to evoke “human backpacks,” just like the backpacks of nearly naked people hanging off your front like remember from your childhood.


None of the models seem to be rejoicing in their sex-capades, but for the casual observer, what could be more visually pleasing than watching two genetic beauties engage in the double dribble?


Which seems to have gone well.



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