Man Knocks Out Police Officer In Baltimore Maryland


An incredibly agitated man in southeast Baltimore punched a police trainee so hard that the officer dropped to the ground. The man wrestles with the rookie cop until another officer on the sidewalk helps to secure the man and place him under arrest.

The incident happen on South Broadway, which Interim Commissioner Kevin Davis said Friday showed “remarkable restraint” on the part of the officers, is the latest altercation involving city officers to go viral via citizen uploading the video footage online.

“The environment right now, for whatever reason, seems to prompt this type of scenario, and we’ve just got to get our arms around it as a community and move forward,” Davis said. “American policing is in the midst of a sea change, particularly with patrol officers. It’s been referred to by many leaders in this profession as the ‘YouTube effect.’”

He added, “I’m personally fine with that. I’m professionally fine with that. The more we have on camera, the better.


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