Is This Never Ending Tunnel Or Something Different?

Is This Never Ending Tunnel Or Something Different? Overpopulation and unbelievable densely built – up area are well-known problems in Hong Kong. There is not much we can do about it, so photographer Peter Stewart has decided to use it as advantage. He selected the best and the most colorful places in Hong-Kong and photographed them from the best perspective. It was a creation of photo series named ” Stacked”. peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-15 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-23 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-33 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-43 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-53 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-63 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-73 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-83 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-93 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-103 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-113 peter-stewart-hong-kong-photography-123

Source: ufunk


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