Indian food chef caught buying dog meat

A chef for an Indian caterer in the UK has been caught buying meat from a dog food supplier.

Royly Da Silva, 37, who owns Indian and Goan catering company Royal Food, was ordered to destroy half a tonne of food after Swindon Borough Council investigators saw him buying the unmarked bags from a dirty, unrefrigerated delivery van.

The council had originally been investigating the pet food supplier.

Da Silva, from Goan, later admitted all his meat came from the pet food supplier, a court heard, and led investigators to a lock up garage he owned.

Inside there was a chest freezer, packed with food for an upcoming London event attended by up to 15,000 guests and a barbecue grill.

Bags of beef patties, raw chicken, samosas and prawn rissoles were stored in the freezer which was littered with congealed blood and dead flies, the court heard.

Phil Wirth, prosecuting, told Swindon magistrates: ‘There were sacks of meat which were being delivered as pet food with no identifying marks and so could easily be confused with those sacks delivered as food for human consumption.

‘The van which the meat was delivered on was dirty and bags of meat were either on the floor or in Dolavs [plastic boxes] which stored the pet food meat and offal.’

Mr Wirth added: ‘The freezer in which the food was stored was filthy, littered with old food debris and congealed blood, there were dead flies lying in the bottom. There were Goan sausages hanging in the lockup in a plastic bag and Royly Da Silva was not clear about when and where these were prepared.’

Da Silva claims to have 14 years experience in food and drink catering on his website, and says he has worked in hotels and cruise ships.

Da Silva was present in court and representing himself but did not speak to defend his case. It is understood that Da Silva faces possible further charges in relation to the case.

Source – Metro


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