How to Heal Your Broken Heart

Most people who have been in a serious relationship usually find it difficult to get out of it when they realize it’s not working anymore, and this creates immense pain and suffering to them. Fortunately, there are ways to go beyond all this pain and move forward in life. Here are three powerful tips on how to heal your broken heart and overcome relationship trauma:


Don’t try to escape from pain.

People with a broken heart usually try to run away from their pain, afraid to face and deal with it. They try to distract themselves from pain by doing anything that will numb them from experiencing it–watching movies, surfing online, or even taking drugs. This way, however, does nothing to help them overcome their relationship trauma–in fact, it only pushes it deeply into their unconscious mind and makes it even more difficult to get over it. No matter how much pain you are experiencing, be courageous enough to face it as soon as possible.

Listen to your pain.

The second powerful tip on how to heal your broken heart is to let pain speak to you and help you understand what’s going on. Pain is one of the best teachers, helping us realize what we did wrong, pointing out to the bad choices that put us in the painful situation we are experiencing. Hence, by listening to pain, it can help us grow, turn us into problem-solvers and transform us into the better version of ourselves.

Let go of your attachments.

Lastly, in order to overcome your relationship trauma, you need to let go of your attachments to your relationship. In life we make mistakes and mistakes help us grow and move forward. However, some of us are attached to our past, regretting our choices and desiring something we can’t have anymore, and this causes tremendous suffering in our lives. In order to fully heal your broken heart, you need to let go of the past and focus your whole attention on the present, learning to appreciate and savor every single moment that is offered to you as a gift from existence.

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