How to Build a More Intimate Relationship with Your Partner


Many of us who are in a long time relationship sometimes find that we are distanced from our partner and that this is making our relationship not working as well as it used to in the beginning. Fortunately, this can be undone and with love and dedication one can reconnect with his or her partner. Below are some powerful tips on how to build a more intimate relationship with your partner.


Focus on growing your friendship.

In order for your love relationship to be intimate you first need to become good friends with your partner. That means that you should treat your partner with kindness, love and respect, just like you would do with your best friends. Spend time together, laugh together, play around together. This will help nurture your relationship and bring you much closer to one another.

Do little things for one another.

Early in a relationship, most of us are always trying to treat each other the best way possible, doing little things that our partner loves so as to enrich our relationship. However, as time goes on, we forget how important this is and our relationship becomes monotonous. From now on, be sure to do some little things for your partner, like staying up a few extra minutes so that you can both go to bed together, and I assure you it will make a big difference in re-connecting you with your partner.

Discuss things that matter.

Another important tip on how to build a more intimate relationship with your partner is to discuss things that each of you find that matter. Discussion helps you understand one another and hence better treat one another and live around one another. So spend some time together discussing things that you find that are important and this only will do much to help you better connect with one another.

Sit together.

Last but not least, if you want to build a more intimate relationship with your loved one, be sure to spend more time sitting together. For example, when you are dining, make sure to sit next to one another, with your children around you instead of between you. The more physically close you are to your partner the more opportunities you will have to become more intimate with your partner, and this can positively transform your relationship.


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