How Married Couples Can Prevent Disasters In Their Relationships


Couple sitting on sofa with arms folded, looking angry

According to John Gottman, one thing married couples can do to prevent a disaster is to “take breaks when flooded with emotions”.

Explaining this point, relationship coach and life expert Alduan Tartt  says “When married couples get flooded with emotions, they don’t want to hear each other’s point of view or they listen to use it against each other in future.”

When arguments get really heated, couples should learn to give each other a ‘time-out’. An outburst could damage your relationship.

In order to keep your relationship intact and resolve arguments constructively, a 15-20 minute break in-between is needed. This helps you take your mind a little bit off the current situation and think properly about the next thing to say or move to make.

According to Dr. Tartt, married couples should learn to recognize their limits during a heated argument with each other and not  do anything that would instantly kill the loving relationship they have.


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