Hotel de Sal – Exclusive Hotel Built of Salt

If you do not want anything in life, there is a moment when you have to start. If you love luxury, certainly often you are staying in 5-star hotel. For those who are extravagant, however, five stars are not enough. They are looking for something unusual, something extraordinary that will meet their specific requirements. For these purposes please visit the “Salt hotel”. We all know the benefits of salt. Surrounded with health and uniqueness, if you choose Hotel de Sal you may have one of the best experiences in life.

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“Hotel de Sal” is hotel located near Colchani in Bolivia and attracts many tourists who come from all over the world, to assured in its beauty. More precisely resort Hotel de Sal is located in the famous salt flats in City of Salar de Uyuni which are formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes. At first glance, this hotel associates to beach house which has walls made of stone and sand floor. But, it not nearly is true. However, in this amazing hotel, everything is made of salt, including most of the furniture. Hotel de Sal has everything you need and may seem like a standard hotel, but a million blocks of salt per 35 cm were used in its construction. This luxury hotel also has golf course and a great place for relaxation, complete with sauna, Jacuzzi and normal baths with salt water.


By using salt removed from the plane, the construction of the hotel took two years. The creator, Don Juan Quesada had the idea and according to his opinion the salt is the most practical material for building in that region. It is interesting the fact that in the construction of rooms, bar and pool are integrated 10 000 tons of salt. The only rule in Hotel de Sal is “Licking the walls is strictly prohibited.” But some tourists make a little taste of the furniture to be sure that it really is salt. Hotel-de-Sal-5-620x406 Hotel-de-Sal-6-620x397Source



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