His Works Of Art Are Dazzlingly Intricate… But HOW He Makes Them Is Truly Astonishing

Beeswax is a pretty incredible material. It’s extremely versatile, used to make soap, candles, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products, just to name a few. It only makes sense that it would be an interesting artistic medium as well.See the incredible photos and video below. (via: lifebuzz)


Originally from Wuhan, China, Ren Ri was trained at the Tsinghua Academy of Art and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. 2

Artist and beekeeper Ren Ri uses beeswax to create amazing sculptures that tow the line between the real and surreal, and between man and nature.

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Thus, his latest project was born. He claims that his work with beeswax is inspired by his childhood, when he grew up surrounded by the lush flora and fauna in Wuhan.

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Ri explained further in an interview:
   “Back then, I was spending a lot of time observing animals and plants; my passion for moulding was parallel to an interest for insect ethology.”


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