Have You Ever Look At Food This Crazy Way?

Mmm… Food….Yummy… I ‘m hungry already and you will be too when you finish with this topic! Why? Just take a look on pictures below. Not only they look delicious but they look super interesting from this point of view. Food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès created these awesome series of food cut in half. How this idea began? Truth to be said, I have no idea but now, I want to cut in half everything on my plate and everything from fridge.

More of her work can be found here

635397419195937500-640x404 icecream-640x407 turkey_in_half Wonderful-photos-of-food-cut-in-half-2-640x405 Wonderful-photos-of-food-cut-in-half-3-640x405 Wonderful-photos-of-food-cut-in-half-4-640x405 Wonderful-photos-of-food-cut-in-half-5-640x405 Wonderful-photos-of-food-cut-in-half-6-640x405 Wonderful-photos-of-food-cut-in-half-7-640x405

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