Gorilla Being Incapable Of Becoming A Mother Adopts Two Kittens


Koko, the gorilla is now 44 years old. In 1984, she was given toys to play with as her babies, but she was unsatisfied. Then Koko signed a request for a cat and she received “All Ball”, her first cat. Koko is able to talk in American Sign Language, and communicates with her trainer, Francine Patterson, at Gorilla Foundation, Redwood City. Koko was gifted on her 44th birthday with 2 kittens, which was chosen among many kittens by Koko herself from a box.

Koko chose her favorite 2 kittens which was gifted to her on her 44th birthday.


Gorilla is famous for knowing sign language. Koko understands completely 2000 Words in English, and communicates with her trainer with more than 1000 Gorilla’s language signs.


Koko is signing the word “Cat”.


Here Koko is saying “Baby”.



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