Gnarly Australian Reels In 14-Foot Tiger Shark From The Beach

Gnarly Australian Reels In 14-Foot Tiger Shark From The Beach.19-year-old Max Muggeridge was fishing from the beach in his native Australia when he got the bite of his life. He hooked a 14-foot tiger shark, with an antique reel and rod, no less. The battle lasted three hours, and left his hands bleeding and blistered, but he was able to wrangle the enormous beast onto the shore.(via:thechive)

The shark very well could have been a world record, but Max was more focused on releasing the shark humanely than taking measurements.2 gnarly-australian-reels-in-14-foot-tiger-shark-from-the-beach-6-photos-4 4 gnarly-australian-reels-in-14-foot-tiger-shark-from-the-beach-6-photos-5 5 gnarly-australian-reels-in-14-foot-tiger-shark-from-the-beach-6-photos-51 6 gnarly-australian-reels-in-14-foot-tiger-shark-from-the-beach-6-photos-1 7 gnarly-australian-reels-in-14-foot-tiger-shark-from-the-beach-6-photos-3


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