Doctors pull live fish from man’s intestine

According to Hospital Universitario in Londrina, in southern Brazil, a man decided to put a live fish into his bottom as part of a bizarre sexual fantasy.

Instead of being able to pull it out, the South American Lungfish wriggled its way up into the gentleman’s guts, passing a ‘considerable way’ before he sought medical help.

The fish was surgically removed by doctors who say they have “no idea” how the footage ended up being leaked onto social media.

The fish was apparently still alive after being removed but had to be euthanised.

The South American Lungfish can apparently exist in areas with very little oxygen and its typical environment is swampland and slow-moving waters.

The unidentified man from Londrina, who has recovered from the operation, has made a formal complaint via his solicitors about the fact that his rear end and the fish have now become viral sensations.

This is not the first time a fish was lodged in a man’s rear end.

Back in 2013 a Chinese man from the south-eastern province of Guangdong was admitted to a local hospital after he inserted a live, 20-inch-long eel into his anus.

Source – Mirror

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