Delicious Super Healthy Culinary Paintings

Lauren Purnell made this culinary Canvases and they look very nice and tasty. I have to say I´m getting pretty hungry and excited to eat some healthy snack when I look at it. Don´t you think that this original idea is creative way how to make your children eat more vegetables or fruits? You can make similar plate at home, maybe not so pretty but delicious as well. (via 13gag)lauren-purnell-04-640x640 lauren-purnell-05-640x640 lauren-purnell-06-640x640 lauren-purnell-07-640x480 lauren-purnell-08-640x640 lauren-purnell-10-640x640 lauren-purnell-11-640x640 lauren-purnell-12-640x640



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