Couple Decided To Sell Condo For $32 Million Because They Get Lost In It

Sometimes, you read something, and it just makes you sick to your stomach with envy. That is the feeling I have towards this couple – who decided to sell their $32 million condo because it was so big they were getting lost in it.Hedge funder Stuart Leaf’s condo, if sold for the asking price, will become the most expensive ever sold in the borough of Brooklyn. Not bad.According to The Wall Street Journal, issues with the property started when Stuart’s wife called him and got no response – then three hours later discovered they had both been home the whole time. First world problems.(via:unilad)

Not convinced about the couple’s inability to communicate in this gargantuan palace? Well, how about this..1

The condo has a gym, a 3,500-bottle wine cellar and SIX bedrooms that all have bathrooms. 2

Meanwhile, my kitchen only has room for one or two bottles of wine and a four-pack of beer. 3

This place also has a 75-foot-long landscaped terrace with a PERFECT view of the legendary Manhattan skyline. Scenes. 4 5 6 7 8 9

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