Cat Tattoos Are Probably The Cutest Way To Break The Law In South Korea

Cats! Favored animals of the internet, they’re also doing their part to make tattoos more mainstream – and legal – in South Korea. Inked by Sol Tattoo in Seul, these little yet incredibly detailed pictures of cats are actually illegal, since according to Korean law, tattooing is an invasive process that can only be done my certificated medical personnel. Despite this, young people in love with their cats are getting tattoos of their tiny furry overlords. The image are quite small, yet surprisingly intricate for their size.

Sol Tattoo is one of the many illegal tattoo parlors operating in Seul, and while cats aren’t their only trade, it’s what’s making them famous. Meanwhile, the tattoo artists are hoping for change, which might be just over the horizon; the government is commissioning a study in October that could lead to legalization of tattoo parlors.

It would make it that much easier for cats to brand their slaves.

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

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