Cape Coral Man lands Largest Kayak Bottom Fish Ever!


Let’s face it – fishing is usually a boring thing to watch and do, but if you wait long enough, you can snag something epic at the end of your line. Fishing is all about the moment when you catch that one fish that will make you a legend. Many people wait years before they catch that legendary fish, but when it happens, it makes all that waiting worth it.

This man just had his moment. While fishing in his kayak, he caught one of the biggest fish the area has ever seen.

After measuring this fish, it came in at 83 inches long and weighed over 500 pounds. Hopefully he tossed it back, though, because the fish he caught was recently put on the critically endangered species list. You can brag that you caught a goliath grouper, but you better make sure you put it back where you found it. Oh, and they’ve been known to eat sharks. So yeah, this is not a fish you want to mess with.(via:ChewOnThis)


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