Calf Born With Two Heads


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A calf in northern Florida was born with two faces.

“It was just like a surprise, because no one has ever seen anything like this around here,” Carolyn Crews told WTSP news.

The calf, named Annabel, has two heads, four eyes and two mouths, noses and ears. When one mouth feeds from a bottle, the other mouth suckles at the same time, News4Jax reported.

“You know, I don’t think she’s going to make it,” Crews told WTSP. The animal can’t walk or lift its head, and can’t feed from its mother.

The condition of having more than one head, Polycephaly, is an incredibly rare genetic mutation.

Although the odds of a two-headed calf are extremely small, another one was born in Virginia in March. In that case, the calf was stillborn.

Source – Huffington Post


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